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A Complilation of Materials for the Effective Delivery of Health Care Services to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Non-Health Center Settings

Author: Brock, Susan
Date Published: 1998

Migrant health programs offer unique opportunities to serve farmworkers in those out of the way areas or regions with significant numbers of farmworkers yet where geography or harvest seasons make the operation of year-round, full-service health centers impractical. Migrant health programs began to meet regularly at the National Farmworker Health Conference and at Midwestern and Eastern Stream Forums to share ideas and resources and to address mutual concerns. As a result of that effort, the Primary Care Effectiveness Review (PCER) Tool was rewritten to take into account the unique characteristics of these programs. This resource manual is another product of that effort. Designed to accommodate additions and updates as needed, the manual is the compilation of a variety of materials in use by programs across the country.

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