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Alcohol Use, Comorbidities, and Receptivity to Treatment in Hispanic Farmworkers in Primary Care

Author: Cherry, D.J.
Date Published: 2009

Primary care is a promising setting for alcohol screening and intervention with low-income Hispanic farmworkers, yet no research has been conducted that estimates the prevalence of harmful and hazardous drinking, psychiatric comorbidities, or receptivity to treatment in this population. This study investigates rates of alcohol misuse, depression, anxiety, somatization, and cigarette use in a convenience sample of low-income Hispanic farmworkers and farmworker spouses in Florida making walk-in visits to a rural community health center. Results indicated a high prevalence of alcohol use but also a strong willingness to receive treatment. Forty-four percent (44%) screened positive for harmful and hazardous alcohol use; over half (58%) screened positive for one or more comorbidity risks. Receptivity to alcohol treatment was high (75%). These results strongly support the need for and potential utility of alcohol intervention in primary care for this population.

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