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A National Dialogue on the Worker Protection Standard-Part I: Transcripts of the Public Meetings

Author: Dugarte-Stavanja, Mari
Date Published: 1997

This document is the record of a National Dialogue of public meetings and site visits held during the spring and summer of 1996 on the Worker Protection Standard (WPS). The WPS is EPA's primary program to ensure that agricultural workers and employers have the information they need to protect workers from pesticide risks. The National Dialogue on the WPS represents EPA's first effort to assess the effectiveness of the revised standard, which took effect in 1995. In all, EPA met with over 1,000 people, including 560 who attended the public meetings and another 500 who met with EPA in 43 site visits at diverse locations, ranging from union meeting halls and crop fields to health clinics and processing plants. Participants included agricultural workers, pesticide handlers, farmers and growers, health professionals, representatives of agriculture and labor organizations, and a variety of other individuals.

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