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A Profile of Women CEO's/Administrators in Community and Migrant Health Centers

Author: Samuels, Michael E.
Date Published: 1999

Most of the current research on women executives has focused on models in which few women achieve the highest position (e.g. hospital CEO's). This article looks at the nation's Community and Migrant Health Centers where substantial numbers of women hold the highest executive position. A national profile of women Community and Migrant Health Centers (C/MHCs) Chief Executive Officers/Administrators is provided in terms of their personal and work characteristics, as well as their values and beliefs regarding successful C/MHC attributes and important managerial practices. The study compares C/MHC Chief Executive Officers/Administrators based on gender. The study found that 41% of the CEO/Administrators were women and that they shared similar values and beliefs about functions/critical managerial factors and managerial characteristics of C/MHCs with their male colleagues. However, the study did find a comparable salary differential of over $11,000 in favor of male Chief Executive Officers/Administrators. The article reviews the literature of female executives in healthcare and concludes with recommendations for further study using the C/MHCs CEO/Administrators as a model study population

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