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Acculturative Stress and Self-Esteem Among Puerto Rican Migrant Children

Author: Prewitt Diaz, Joseph O.
Date Published: 1998

The consequences of migration from Puerto Rico to the United States and the subsequent return to Puerto Rico have been discussed in the literature from several perspectives: economic, political, sociological and psychological. In the last ten years there has been a considerable amount discussion on the effects of migration on children. The focus of this study is to look at the role of migration and the changing self-esteem of the child as a result of acculturative stress. Reports of the study of acculturation and ensuing stress have increased considerably in recent literature. This study attempts to look at how acculturative stress affects self-esteem in a group of upper elementary school children in Puerto Rico. Migrant and non-migrant children were asked to self-report on their perceived self-esteem. This study attempts to determine what effects, if any, migration has on the self-esteem of a group of children in Puerto Rican schools.

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