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Abundant Fields, Meager Shelter: Findings from a Survey of Farmworker Housing in the Eastern Migrant Stream

Author: Holden, Christopher
Date Published: 2000

Working in a partnership with Farmworker Health Services, Inc. (FSHI), a healthcare outreach organization serving migrant and seasonal farmworkers, the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) performed a survey of farmworker housing conditions in the Eastern migrant stream from December 1997 through October 1998. The purpose of this survey was to determine the typical structural, ownership, quality and cost characteristics of housing occupied by migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the Eastern migrant stream. FHSI provides outreach workers to clinics that serve farmworkers throughout the Eastern migrant stream. FHSI staff completed housing surveys while performing their healthcare outreach duties. The survey results support journalistic accounts that note farmworkers are among the nation's poorest and worst-housed groups.

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