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Acculturative Stress, Anxiety, and Depression among Mexican Immigrant Farmworkers in the Midwest United States

Author: Hovey, Joseph D.
Date Published: 2000

No previous studies have examined the psychological functioning of immigrant farmworkers I the Midwest United States. The purposes of the present study were threefold: to assess the prevalence levels of anxiety and depression in a sample of Mexican immigrant farmworkers in the Midwest United States; to explore the relationships among acculturative stress, anxiety and depression; and to examine the variables that best predict anxiety and depression. The overall sample revealed elevated levels of anxiety and depression. Immigrant farmworkers with heightened levels of acculturative stress reported high levels of anxiety and depression. Overall findings highlight the need to establish prevention and treatment services for migrant farmworkers that aim to increase levels of emotional support, self-esteem, and coping skills.

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