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BCRR Data Analysis Sets

Author: Deck, Bill
Date Published: 1996

The BCRR Data Analysis Sets contained in this volume have been commissioned by the National Migrant Resource Program as part of an effort to address concerns about the adequacy and distribution of Section 329 monies to grantees who provide health services to farmworkers and their dependent family members. Through a thorough evaluation of these data analysis sets, it is expected that patterns will emerge that will demonstrate that 329 funded grantees serving migrant and seasonal farmworkers are in need of additional consideration regarding grant funding levels. The premise of this analysis is that migrant health centers have operational characteristics different from grantees who do not receive 329 monies. This not only applies to such differences as seasonal staffing demands, language barriers and special services needs, but also to changes that have with regard to sources of revenue to support higher operational costs. On the latter, it is assumed that changes in reimbursement resulting from significant expansions in Medicaid eligibility and higher per visit payments from cost based reimbursement have had a far grater impact on non-329 grantees than on those who serve farmworkers. It would be expected then, that those health centers who serve a significant number of farmworkers would have less overall revenue available to operate their programs than do those with a larger Medicare and Medicaid eligible population.

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