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An Examination of Problems and Possibilities for Health Data Sharing by Migrant Education and Migrant Health

Author: Hackett, Gene
Date Published: 1980

Both Migrant Health Clinics and Migrant Education components render some health services to school age migrant children. Both M.H. and M.E. desire to coordinate these services for the attainment of 3 objectives: to serve the greatest population with the resources available; to eliminate duplication of services; and to facilitate continuity of care of individual subjects. One indispensable tool in the attainment of the three objectives is a patient information system which gives health providers access to each patient's medical background regardless of the migratory circumstances. The programmatic advantages to be gained by sharing this medical information are significant. It is the goal of this document to identify the problems that must be overcome if such sharing is to take place. Since problem recognition precedes problem solution, it is felt that a clear understanding of the barriers to sharing migrant student medical information is first step in removing those barriers.

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