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Case Study in Interagency Collaboration: Colorado Migrant Health Program--Colorado Migrant Education Program. Final Report Migrant Education Health Program, 1987

Author: Colorado Migrant Health Program
Date Published: 1988

This report of Colorado's 1987 Migrant Education Health Program details activities under the program, a cooperative undertaking by the state Health and Education departments. The report was written to provide: (1) assurance that the program's services have been within the scope and financial estimates of the interagency agreement; (2) a body of information for Migrant Education staff and parents concerning the relative health status and needs of Colorado's migrant children; and (3) planning assistance for the 1988 Migrant Education Health Program. This document includes statistics about the relative health of state migrant students and discusses the roles played by community and staff, including 21 health professional students and interns. This document details the health of the migrant students, including statistics on height, weight, hearing, vision, dental health, blood pressures, blood tests, skin tests, and scoliosis. Health education class activities are explained and attendance figures offered. An overview of the 1987 budget is included. A section on "Preparing for 1988" looks specifically into the areas of health education needs, the use of volunteers, and a summer "Life Choices" health and values education program. The second half of this document is a Migrant Education Health program grant proposal for 1988 operations. The proposal reviews the 1987 program and offers some 1988 goals. It proposes a continuation of medical screening, case management, dental services, and health education services. It explains the 1988 program budget, proposed staffing patterns for 13 locations and the role responsibilities for various departments and staff members. This document includes 39 graphs and tables.

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