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After the Harvest : The Plight of Older Farmworkers - First Edition

Author: Housing Assistance Council
Date Published: 1987

In an effort to assist older farmworkers, AARP and the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) initiated the Older Farmworkers Housing Project, which is designed to develop public awareness of the plight of older farmworkers; provide technical assistance to local groups which have the ability to develop housing projects for retired farm laborers; and recommend public and private activities to help alleviate the living conditions of older farmworkers. This report was produced by the Project. It examines the lives and housing of older hired agricultural workers, reviews proposed housing projects, and examines areas of the country where older farmworkers are most numerous. It also profiles the nation's only housing project designed exclusively for older farmworkers, and examines prototypes for similar projects in other parts of the country.

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